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privacy policy

The Tanisha Williams (TW) team is considerate about your privacy. We believe your personal information is your own and should be treated as such. We want you to be informed about our privacy policy, so you are aware of what information is not collected and what is and in which the collected information is being used.


Your personal information used to identify you includes the following: Your first and last name, physical mailing or billing address, email address, telephone numbers, social security numbers, birthdates, and any other contact information shared with TW.


TW will only collect the personal information that you voluntarily provide when you send an email, subscribe to the website/newsletter, and initiate an online transaction-purchase, survey, registration, or book an event.


TW will not share your personal contact information with a third party (except to mail or email purchased and/or gifted items to you). The following information will not be displayed by us on our website: Your social security number, phone number, physical mailing, and billing address. The following information may be automatically shown on our website when you submit a comment: the name you provide, a profile photo if applicable, and additional information you provide. 


The purpose of collecting any personal information is for communicating purposes. Additionally, the following information may be collected when you visit our website: the internet protocol address, browser type, operating systems, date and time of your visit, and the webpages/links you accessed at this site. 


Cookies are common for companies to use to collect data. Cookies are tiny files that are used to identify you and when you return to this site, and to store information about your use of the site which is listed in the paragraph above this one. Although cookies are not harmful, you do have the option in your settings to block the cookies. 


This Private Policy is subject to change at anytime.

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