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Tips for new NICU Mommies

Being a new mom of a preemie can be an overwhelming experience. You want to learn about everything and know that you are doing a great job. The truth is, we are new and we might have to make a mistake to learn. Every experienced mother and medical professional has their own tips, helpful advice, knowledge, and wisdom about taking care of a child. They were new mothers at one point, too. God gives every mother a natural intuition, a natural connection with their child. It is up to us to channel in and let it guide us. Still, it can’t hurt to use the tips, if the tips are helpful enough to make mommyhood more enjoyable!

Below are some tips and helpful advice that will hopefully help make the next new mom’s experience just a little bit easier.

1. Breastfeeding Position: Consult with your lactation coach or baby’s pediatrician before attempting this position. Hold your baby sitting upright on your leg, facing directly in front of the breast he or she is nursing on at the time. This position might be more comfortable for the baby, especially if they have bad acid reflux.

2. Hiccups: My daughter has had hiccups ever since she was in the womb. As a matter of fact, she had hiccups while going down the birth canal, right until I pushed her out. Anyways, if your baby likes the pacifier, let them suck on that while they have the hiccups and they will eventually go away! – usually within five or 10 minutes -

3. Pamper Changing: This one is probably common sense. I’ve changed pampers plenty of times before becoming a mother, so I was actually excited that I knew something! Place a new pamper underneath the old one. That way, it will be easier to catch everything, and a little less messy, too! Oh! And in case your little one is in the middle of handling their business while you’re changing them, have an extra pamper ready. Sometimes my daughter likes to pause and go in the middle of a change.

4. Burping A Preemie: Sit your little one upright on your leg. Hold their upper arm/shoulder between your middle and ring finger while your thumb and index finger hold their jaw line gently. This will keep them secured on your lap. Also, gently rubbing the top of your baby’s head from the center towards the forehead also helps get the burps out!

5. Constipation: If my daughter is constipated because of formula change, I will give her a little water, or hold her legs up and move them to help her push, or rub her belly. Sometimes I will hold her and just let her relax in my arms.

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