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Three Reasons Why I Like Weightlifting.

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Weightlifting has always been one of my favorite fitness activities. I’m obsessed with it. I remember the times- prior to being a mother of two- I used to go to the gym late at night to lift.

I remember how toned I used to be in my early twenties, and I remember when I bought my first pair of purple 7 lbs. dumbbells at college around 21 or 22 years old. I still have them and use them for my warmups. They used to feel heavy, and now they are lite as feathers.

Not only do I enjoy lifting weights because of the benefits like improving my overall health, rebuilding my muscle, lowering my blood pressure, and improving my cholesterol. I enjoy lifting weights because it improves my physical strength, empowers my mind, and uplifts my mood.

1. Physical Strength - Although getting toned and losing weight are my lifetime goals, I’ve noticed how much my physical strength has improved. I’ve always been physically strong but lifting weights has improved that power significantly. I’m no body builder, but my goal is to get into a gym (or own a gym) so I can lift more over 300 lbs. It is a goal I’m determined to achieve. Nonetheless, I have more energy and endurance, my back doesn’t hurt when I stand while cooking, and I don’t feel pain in my bad knee when I lift. Weightlifting has improved my posture, and I can do other exercises without feeling burnt out.

2. Mental Empowerment - I like to challenge myself mentally when it comes to achieving

goals. Weightlifting helps me stay focused, empowers my thought process, and improves my mental stability. It’s a confidence builder or self-esteem booster. When I feel the burn, I like to push myself to do more reps or add more weights.

3. Emotionally Uplifting - Lifting weights improves my mood and helps me overcome situations that are stressful or discouraging. I realized I’m in my rhythm when I lift. It’s equivalent to writing or creating something. If I don’t create or lift weights, I’m off rhythm. When I’m consistent, I’m more balanced, and I’m not exhausted or feeling unproductive. Lifting weights exists me and my mood is even more cheerful after completing a session.

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