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Three Months Postpartum

After two pregnancies - the first was a loss at 18 weeks, and the second was preterm at 28 weeks - and putting on more weight within the last three months has really put my body through a lot of stress. I can feel the stress, but my body is tough and so I am. It's no secret that I have been through a lot within the past year. Between both pregnancies, I felt like I was pregnant for over a year. Both were difficult. I did my best to stay healthy and maintain weight gaining no more than 15 lbs., which I accomplished. In fact during the first pregnancy, I gained around 7 lbs. I had no choice if I did not want to have preeclampsia. I did have high blood pressure (no medication needed) and gestational diabetes which was controlled by tracking my carb intake. During my second pregnancy, I gained about 11 lbs. I kept track of the numbers every single visit for a reason. And when I checked the discharge papers from the beginning of my first pregnancy a just 4 weeks in August 2014 and compare it to the weight that I am now, three months postpartum in February 2016, I weight 9 lbs. more today. My weight has gone up and down. I have always paid attention to my body. And now that I have completely recovered, I can start my fitness journey.

It is time to lose the baby weight, the food weight, the stress weight, the fat weight, the lazy weight, the weight period! It is time to put this plus size body into the best shape and make this fitness and healthy living a lifestyle change.

As soon as my doctor approved for me to do regular activities, I began brainstorming on all of the exercises and workout plans I will do. I had the opportunity to use the gym at my job, unfortunately and fortunately, I will not be returning as I have to care for my daughter. Nonetheless, there are so many things I can do while at home until I can walk outside for walking or go to a gym for weight training. I have Zumba videos. I have the T25 videos. There are workout videos on the Sports and Fitness channel. I can make up my own exercises and do what I want. The goals are to stay active and be consistent. I want to make it fun though. I love to dance and do kickboxing. I enjoy walking and jogging. I actually like doing squats and dead-lifts. Although this journey will be challenging, I am still enthusiastic about it.

Being a mother is so rewarding. It is demanding and can be overwhelming as well. My hormones are all over the place and I've put my body through so much trauma. It is time to treat it well. Even though I lost weight years ago and was very fit and in shape, I have to be patient this time around. Having a baby does change everything. The weight may or may not just come off like it used to. I might not see a difference until late spring or early summer. And that is fine.

As for eating healthy, I have always been a healthy eater. I do have my days when I let it go. Binge eating, emotional eating, or not eating at all for an extensive amount of time are all unhealthy. An eating disorder is very serious and can cause severe damage. It is important to eat three regular meals a day, and add in small healthy snacks in between those meals. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I know for myself, if I eat breakfast, I will eat so much better the rest of the day. Keeping track of meals is definitely a way to track calorie and carb intake. Drinking water or watering down juice is good for me too. Eating heavier meals earlier and lighter meals later is best for me. Eating proportions and in moderation is best for me.

Like I said before, I have to be consistent in order to see change. I have to make it a lifestyle change in order to maintain. I have to be my own motivation. I have to do this for myself. Do this so I can be fit like I used to be. I am not doing this for my husband, my family and friends. I am doing this for my daughter though. I want to be her biggest inspiration for several reasons. I want to be the positive role model in her life. She will be the one who pays attention when I look in the mirror. She will be the one who pays attention to what I say about my body even the way I respond if someone says something inappropriate. People will look and judge no matter what. I can't control that. Strangers don't know me, and family members are rude too. I just have to focus on myself and do what I need in order to live, feel and look better!

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