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Starting Over Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

Here are six simple and small changes you can make to help get back on your fitness grind.


So, you have decided that it is time to get back on track with your fitness goals? But it is not as easy as it used to be. You have been trying your best to include 30-minute sessions into your busy schedule, but the demands of motherhood, business and everything in between is keeping you from sticking to it. By the time you decide to work out, you are too burnt out and unmotivated to do something. If you do still have energy by midday or end of your day, you can only give a hard 10 minutes-you have to get back to taking care of your children, complete business tasks, tackle some household chores, or get some sleep.

I know how it is, I get it. I have been in your situation many times. I started over many times before turning fitness into a lifestyle. It was a challenge to make fitness and health become a lifestyle change. Life happens, and when it causes you to stop reaching your goal, it can feel like you are quitting or failing. The key to succeeding at any goal to stay persistent. Even if you stop for a significant amount of time, you can still start over again.

Do not stay discouraged about where you are on your fitness journey. Get excited about the process and the outcome. Health and fitness should be a lifelong goal, and as challenging as it is, you should enjoy it. Unless you are competing or training or you’ve consulted with your doctor about your medical and health needs, you shouldn’t feel pressure to reaching your weight loss, health, or fitness goals so quickly.

Nonetheless, if you’re ready to start back on your journey today, here are five effective tips you can use to ease into it. 1. Wake up 10 or 15 minutes earlier - At least three times a week, wake up earlier. Use the time to do a good cardio/HIIT session that will boost your metabolism and get you energized for the day.

2. Workout during nap time - If your child is still young enough to take 1-to-2-hour naps, find the motivation to workout then. You do not have to exercise for an hour, do something for at least 20 minutes to get your heart rate up.

3. If you have older children, include them when you exercise. Do it as a fun family bonding activity. Doing this may motivate you to stick to it. Plus, you are teaching them the importance of fitness and health.

4. Plan for the week. Plan the days you have time to work out for that week. Set it as a priority and plan other household chores around your workout sessions. Plans do not always go accordingly, but if you incorporate exercise into your daily schedule, you will most likely stick with it.

5. Set an alarm or calendar reminder. If you’re days are super busy, setting a reminder will help you stick to your goal. It is easy to get caught up on other things and forget to workout. When you get a reminder, you will be more interested in achieving your goal.

6. Replace extra free time with exercise. If you are spending too much time on social media, talking on the phone or binge watching your favorite show, you can replace some of that extra time working out. When you eliminate things that are not beneficial to your health, you’ll be amazed at how much time you actually do have available for exercising.

Always consult with your Primary Physician and/or Personal Fitness Trainer before exercising.

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