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Size-Friendly Fitness Trainers Needed

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

That includes plus-size fitness trainers, too!

Source: @curvystrongfit

Believe it or not, there are some big women who enjoy fitness. They lift, do HIIT, Yoga, and run. And there are many women who want to reach their fitness, weight loss, or fat loss goals without feeling shamed, insecure, and judged.

As the demand of representation in the fitness space is rising, we are seeing plus size women rise up to hold positions as fitness instructors in Yoga, weight lifting, Zumba, HIIT, and CrossFit.

The truth is, there are many prospective clients in this world who love their curvy or round body AND enjoy fitness. And they are searching for fitness instructors who look like them.

Although staying healthy is a priority for many, some big women don’t want to be a single-digit size, and they don’t want to feel pressured into having slimmer bodies. We understand fitness instructors should represent a fitness body image to gain trust from clients. Nonetheless, some plus size women would be more encouraged and inspired to stick with their fitness goals when they see success stories of other women whose body was or is similar to theirs. There needs to be more room for plus-size fitness instructors who are just as capable of helping a client reach their fitness and weight loss goal as an instructor with a slimmer body. We’re not advocating that just anybody who is overweight or obese should train just for the thrill, however, we are advocating for those who are dedicated, healthy, active, want to help, and are knowledgeable about fitness to join the community. The more we all support each other regardless of shape, weight, and size the more success we will have in the industry. There’s something so empowering about confident big women who stomp on the stigma that they are lazy, weak, unhealthy, and lack fitness knowledge. When we see women who look like us do what we enjoy, the push is more enjoyable.

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