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Gift yourself or someone else with a Coach handbag.


I think a Coach bag is the perfect gift to give to someone else or a gift you can give to yourself.

Coach is one my favorite brands to invest in for my handbag collection. A couple of years ago, I decided I needed to do better about giving myself gifts. I decided I’d treat myself to something really nice for either Mother’s Day, my birthday, or whenever I achieved a major goal.


So, I’m sharing just two bags that I got from the Coach Outlet.

The first bag is the Gallery Tote In Signature Canvas. I like this bag because it’s spacious enough to put all my stuff in and it has a zipper. I’m a big fan of handbags with zippers.

The second bag is not available on the site but I found one similar. It is a Rowan Satchel In Signature Canvas. I like this back because I’m really into the crossbody style too. I carry this bag more often than the other one. It’s convenient to throw on when I’m on the go with my two kids.

Go ahead and treat yourself to or gift someone else a Coach Outlet handbag!

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