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Ready to Build Your Home Gym?

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

I'm sharing10 items you should invest in this summer.

Image Source: Boldink Media, LLC / Tanisha Williams

In 2020, when COVID-19 hit, people had no choice but to go day-to-day without having any self-care services done by a professional. Hair and nail salons, barber shops, and beauty spas were among many businesses ordered to shut down. People either had to learn a new skill and help themselves or go a whole year with low to no maintenance.

Unfortunately, gyms and fitness centers were added to the shut-down list. Shortly after the shut-down, home gyms became a hot commodity. Every fitness enthusiast from personal trainers to stay-at-home moms invested in fitness equipment for their home. After taking a major hit, fitness trainers revamped their business and started offering virtual training sessions or sold online workout programs that can be performed at home. The idea of building a gym inspired people all around to do the same. Although working out at the gym will always be a top choice, building a gym at home has its benefits. A home gym is convenient and may even save you money as opposed to paying a monthly gym fee. If you’ve been thinking about building a mini home gym, but don’t know what you should get, check out the list below for some ideas. 1. Dumbbells & Kettle bells 2. Barbell

3. Weight bench 4. Cycling bike 5. Yoga mat 6. resistance bands 7. Aerobic step 8. Mini treadmill 9. Jump rope 10. Balance/stability ball

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