Positive Affirmations for Loving Your Big Body

Updated: Jun 6

Say these affirmations to remind you to be grateful for your body.

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Body shaming and hating bigger women appears to be normal in our society. But no matter how much people want to justify their negative comments or mistreatment towards you, it’s not morally right.


We live in a culture that still attacks bigger women because people are uncomfortable with extra weight. And if you are a confident plus size women who’s established, it’s difficult for some to accept that. Many people dislike and hate your body, and they want you to hate it too. They project their own insecurities and ideologies. They have the notion that big women are inferior, less attractive, lazy, unsuccessful, dirty, and have low self-esteem. Because they strongly believe this, they also believe they have the ultimate right to voice their opinions. They believe their opinions deeply matter in your life-even when their opinions are disrespectful.

If you pay attention, you will notice how obsess people are about you and your weight. Their words are not supportive or encouraging. Their subliminal or direct messages can leave you feeling worse about yourself. There is a difference between speaking with love and speaking with hate. If someone loves you, their words will help build you up and not beat you down. If they cared about your health or was concerned about your body weight affecting your health, they would encourage you instead of discouraging you. And if they truly accepted you, they would not compare you to someone else or neglect you.

If you allow negative comments and attacks to influence you, you will have self-hate. And your self-hate will eventually affect every aspect of your life. Every time you look at yourself, you will dislike what you see and shame yourself. Your insecurities will grow, and you will either shy away from life or you will become like the ones who shame you. If you are not filtering negative messages, their words will become your reality, so it is important to speak positive and realistic words to yourself.

Whether you are big or thin, people will always have something negative to say. There will always be messages telling you that you are too fat, or you need to lose weight. You must determine whether the messages you watch, read, and hear are helping you or hurting you. You must determine whose opinion matters the most. Is it yours or theirs? Positive affirmation is a love-language. Speak positive affirmations to help you develop a healthy love for your body. Learn to validate yourself and be grateful for what your body can do. Learn to love your body at any size, even when the world hates it. Here are six affirmations to help you be more grateful for the body you have. 1. I love my body because it is strong: You can lift weights, lift laundry baskets, carry your small children around, carry bags of groceries into the house, and rearrange furniture. You carried another small human inside your belly for months and gave birth after going through unbearable labor. Your body endured pain and trauma. Your body is not weak, it is strong.

2. I love my body because it is flexible: You can do several yoga poses gracefully. And the more you practice, the more you perfect every move. You have good posture; you can stretch effortlessly and hold your balance well. Your body is not rigid, it is flexible.

3. I love my body because it is healthy and fit: You can dance and move your body. You can run, walk, and jump. Your arms work, your legs work, and your organs are functioning well. Your body is not broken, it is healthy and fit.

4. I love my body because it is beautiful: Your skin is soft. Your complexion glows and glistens off the sun. Your shape, curves, and size give your body character. Every scar, mark, flaw, or imperfection makes your body uniquely perfect for you. Your body is not ugly, it is beautiful.

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