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Nine Tips to Help You Bring Your Confidence to the Gym

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Don't let fear stop your workouts.

Image Source: @boldinkmedia

Stepping inside a gym can be intimidating. The day you decide to go, you start thinking of a thousand reasons not to walk through the door. You develop thoughts in your mind that makes you second guess yourself. You start thinking about what others will say and think. You start worrying about whether you’ll fit in or stand out. If you have had a bad experience before, you’ll convince yourself that you’ll have another bad experience again. The truth is you will not know until you try. You will drive yourself crazy thinking about different scenarios that probably will not

ever happen.

Unfortunately, all gyms and fitness centers are not built the same. Although most are welcoming and aim to empower everyone regardless of size, shape or weight, some gyms just do not target potential clients who are plus size, overweight, obese, or even pregnant. Some fitness trainers prefer training people of a smaller body composition. Nonetheless, you are investigating into your health. So, when choosing to become a member of a gym, you should go where you are welcomed. And even if you are not the target client, you should not ever feel intimidated, anxious, or self-conscious about working out at a gym. In fact, trying to go and staying dedicated to reach your fitness goal is admirable. Attitude is key, so be confident as you start or restart your fitness journey. Here are 9 tips to help get into that gym with confidence. 1. Focus on you - Do not worry about what other people will say or think. You are not there to make friends, however, if you do, that is amazing. And you are not there to impress strangers or take pictures for clout. Stay focused on you and your goal. 2. Go to a small gym - if you have never been to a gym or used to big ones, try a small one. You will not feel uncomfortable, it will not be overcrowded, and you may even have the option to schedule a time to work out privately. 3. Learn the equipment - learning how to use the equipment will keep you from feeling like a novice. Take a tour and ask the trainers to demonstrate before your first workout session. If you know how to use the machines, you will feel more confident completing sessions successfully. 4. Get a personal trainer - If you hire personal trainer, that will boost your confidence. A certified trainer will assess you and monitor your moves. They will create workouts for you and help you understand why each move is beneficial. A good personal trainer should not judge you, mock you, or make you feel inferior. They should always keep it real while encouraging you to reach the goals you set for yourself. 5. Activewear - There are many fashion brands that sell afford stylish and comfortable activewear for plus size women. When you dress nice, you will feel better. You don’t have wear the baggy t-shirts and hot sweatpants-unless that’s your thing. Shop online. Try brands like Fabletics, Athleta, SHEIN, Rainbow, Layne Bryant, Walmart, and Old Navy. 6. Plan ahead/Follow fitness program - Planning your workouts ahead will help you stay focused. You already know what you will do and how long it will take. If you do not know how to create a plan, follow certified fitness influencers on IG. There are many fitness influencers who post daily free workouts for you. The workouts are weight and size-friendly, plus you can save their posts and watch later. 7. Supportive Partner - If you cannot stand working out alone, take someone with you. A fitness partner will help you feel more comfortable. Plus, working out with a partner is fun and the motivation you get from a supportive friend who wants to see you succeed is golden! 8. Go during slow hours - If you want to avoid the crowd, go during slow hours. Call and ask before going or check on Google to see what time the gym’s traffic is slow. There is something exciting about having the gym all to yourself or at least sharing it with a handful of people. 9. Go with the flow - After all that is said and done. Go with the flow. Take your time. Enjoy the experience. When you are confident, you will have more fun and enjoy the process. You will not be so worried about who is watching you. Most people go to the gym for the same reasons-to achieve a fitness or weight management goal. Most likely, they are NOT looking judging you when you walk into the room. If they do notice you, you will probably inspire them. So, let go of the negative thinking, apply these tips, go to the gym, get your workout in, and make it happen!

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