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My Living Room Makeover

A Before and After Tour Pt. 1

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The best thing about owning a 90-year-old house with good bones-that has a lot of space-is the ability to dress it up and turn it into a home. It’s like a blank canvas. I love the fact that I can explore, get creative, embrace any style I like, and take my time.

My living room is the first space I’m updating. I’m not doing serious renovations yet; I’m just giving it a nice makeover. I already knew what type and color sofa I wanted; however, I was indecisive about choosing the right flooring and paint.

Here is a partial tour of my living room:

The front door opens into the living room. Across from the door is a wall.



As you can see in the picture above, the old paint is covering the old wood paneling. Initially, I wanted the walls to be white but got gray. I even thought about painting it in two tones, but I was in a hurry to get things done so me and my kids can move in.

The color I chose for the wall is called Alpaca from Lowe’s. It has red undertones. The color is pretty, but it looks more purplish in person. I don’t like it for the living room but I think I'll use it in my bedroom. I’m sure I’ll change this paint by the end of summer.

In the picture, you’ll see the original wood flooring. I wanted to keep the floors but there wasn’t enough time to get them refinished, so I had gray carpet installed. The carpet came from Ollies. It’s so nice and clean and made the living room look completely different.

So, here is the “after” of my living room makeover with my new couch/sofa. My throw pillows from Amazon came in, and I got more décor. As stated in the previous post, I still need to buy curtains and hang pictures.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about my throw pillows and other decor!

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