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My Berry Blissful Cake (It’s Baking Time in This Hot Summer Season)

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

- This is my first time baking a cake! Plus, I'm sharing my journey about the seasons that I've been through, and how it relates to baking a cake.


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Baking cakes has never been something that I thought I’d enjoy doing. I mean, I’ve baked cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and made peach cobbler before, but I just never thought of myself as a baker. I never thought I’d be patient enough to measure all the ingredients, combine them, and wait for the cake to bake. But I don’t think I would’ve tried it had God not directed me on this path.

Although I enjoy cooking and baking shows and grew up watching shows on the Public Broadcasting Station (PBS), I didn’t think I was feeding my spirit with this hobby. As a child, I pretended to be on TV, but I also pretended to be a singer, actress, journalist, and teacher. So, cooking and baking was just fun to watch.

As a blogger and content creator, I’ve posted pictures and shared clips of meals I made. I’ve even provided social media consultation for other small business owners who currently own restaurants. But I never thought it was a calling or an assignment, or even a redirection until recently.

God speaks to me in different ways. One way is during circumstances or during a crisis. Sometimes it’s during seasons of pruning, being hidden, planting new fruitful seeds, or birthing pangs. There have been times when I couldn’t hear God or when I can’t seem to tell my seasons apart, but when I look back on this previous journey of redirection, I realize God was leading me, and giving me ideas to try something new. However, it didn’t make sense back then because seeds were being planted in the spiritual while in the physical, my situation was a little overwhelming.


In September or an October of 2021, I attended an event at my church, and one of the gifts they gave to the women was a box of measuring spoons. I was happy to get them, but I thought, I don’t bake, so I kept them in a box. For Christmas, I received a gift bag filled with a lot of great gifts from my church. Inside the bag was another box of measuring spoons. I felt like it meant something, but I was excited about the other gifts in the bag. I realized the other gifts were too detailed as if God chose everyone specifically for me. There’s no way they knew what I liked or needed at the time. But the box of measuring spoons was the only item that didn’t make sense.

Recently, three things happened that confirmed God was directing me

to bake: 1) My daughter said I should have a cooking show. 2) A church member gave me a toaster oven and baking dishes. 3) Another church member gave me a mixer and Tupperware. As I watched an episode of Better Together, I thought about the mixer, and I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to bake something. I didn’t do it that day, but I wanted to be sure it was God and not me thinking about starting new hobby or project. A day or so later, I bought some ingredients, and then I baked the cake from scratch-I think. I didn’t use a box of cake mix, but I found an easy recipe here, and added a some more ingredients to make it more blissful.

As soon as I started the baking process, I felt a sense of calmness and my children were excited, too.

This year has been quite rough for me, but I still praised God. Since last year, I’ve been in seasons of tests, trials, and tribulations that didn’t make sense. And to others, it looked like I was going against God or like he turned on me. But through it all, God has been with me, he spoke to me, and redirected me.

Now, baking may or may not be my “calling”, but it is a blessing from God, and a glimpse into my new season and future. It’s also confirmation that I have been patiently waiting on him and his love is everlasting. I have endured a lot of storms as I stated, but me and my children will enjoy what I call, a berry blissful cake (I don’t even know if that’s a real cake recipe, I haven’t googled it, I just thought of it). I’m looking forward to everything the Lord has in store for us-new opportunities, new family, and new friends.

So, without further ado, here is my very first cake! I tried to take photos of every step but that was extra work! (Much respect for food content creators).

Overall, the cake was easy and quick to make. It tastes better than I thought, but I could’ve added in more sugar. I did put in too many berries, but I should’ve mixed them in the batter. I didn’t think my kids wanted the berries, but my daughter does! It doesn’t taste dry, and with the frosting, it tastes even better. I’ll say, after a few more tries, it’ll taste perfect.

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