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It's the Simple Mothering Moments...

I don’t always have time to capture moments like this. I do try, but sometimes my phone is in another room. I guess that’s what makes moments like this special. I don’t always need to share it with everyone.

There are so many simple moments with my daughter that never gets captured: us singing, dancing, reading, praying, having a conversation in her language, me teaching her basic skills such as cleaning her room, blowing her nose, putting on her shoes, etc. There are countless moments that the world won’t get to see, but those simple moments happen, and they are important, especially to her. She may not remember them, but I always will. Glory to God!

I’ve often beat myself up because I felt like I’m doing things wrong, but this is a learning process. As soon as my daughter came home from NICU, I learned quickly to never compare my mothering skills with other mothers in a way that would discourage me. I purposely seek articles and see photos that will encouragement me and remind me that I’m doing something right. It is comforting knowing that there are other mothers who share the same beliefs, experiences, morals, values, & teaching skills as I do.

Being a mother is hard work. The priceless pay is a happy and healthy child. Taking care of a child requires full time, overtime commitment. They need attention, care, unconditionally love, discipline, structure, & more. We need to be patient, firm, gentle, loving, caring, teachable, and more. I am protective and a little strict, but I am confident in the wisdom that I’m learning from the Bible.

My advice to mothers: if your child(ren) are in a safe & healthy environment and you are raising them to be decent and kind people who respect other people, then you are doing well. There is more to parenting than posting pictures on IG or buying the nicest clothes. Your child depends on you to set a positive example, so they can grow up and do wonderful things. They learn some of their habits by watching you.

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