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I'm Featured on Cooperative Federal's Website: Here is My Homebuyer Dream Story

Updated: Apr 1

I'm featured on Cooperative Federal's website for the Homebuyer Dream Story campaign. Check it out, and read the article below!

Photo: Kate Cline Thompson

Coop Fed member and Syracuse native, Tanisha Williams, is a grateful and happy first-time homebuyer, digital marketing professional, and mother of two small children who grew up knowing that homeownership was a worthwhile and achievable goal.

Her journey to homeownership began when she established her business in 2018 and opened an account at Coop Fed. After getting her business, Boldink Media, LLC. underway, Tanisha moved into her grandmother’s duplex in 2019. Her grandmother was supportive of her goal of homeownership, and even encouraged her to start saving for a down payment.


You can check out the campaign on Cooperative Federal's website, here


Photo: Kate Cline Thompson

A year later, she enrolled in our Homebuyer Dream program recommended to her by a Coop Fed employee, which eventually led to assistance with her down payment. “Everything about the Homebuyer Dream program was helpful,” said Tanisha.

“Instead of looking at me and seeing a single black woman with two small kids, Coop Fed’s mortgage department saw my desire for homeownership as a strength. While other lending institutions did not approve her for a home loan, Coop Fed customer service bankers asked to see her credentials, and with the support of her financial advisor, Tanisha was approved for a Conventional home loan. As Tanisha worked hard at building her credit, her Coop Fed adviser helped her to navigate exploring what she could afford, and helped her understand debt-to-income ratio. “Every single staff member who assisted me during this process treated me with respect, and answered any question I had.”, said Tanisha.

Photo: Kate Cline Thompson

Having navigated the sometimes-challenging waters of home ownership, Tanisha knows that she can accomplish whatever she sets her mind to. “I now have a different mindset about what is needed to handle money. I’m in it for the long haul, setting priorities and staying centered and grounded. This accomplishment has improved my confidence,” said Tanisha. When asked for her recommendations for others considering home ownership, Tanisha replied, “Do the research, take the course, work on your credit, save money, and get the extra help you need to figure out what type of loan is right for your circumstance. Don’t listen to the world if the world says ‘no.’ It’s the best accomplishment to have your own property! Go for it!”

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