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I Finally Got a New Sofa!

Yes, a new sofa is the highlight of this month!


A sofa sets the tone for a space. And a sofa was the first piece of furniture I invested in for my living room. When me and my children moved into our home in November, I did not have a couch. I had one big ottoman. Well, we finally got a new sofa for our living room last week. And it’s BLUE!

Before I share more information about the sofa, I have to say the last couple of weeks have been quite overwhelming as a new homeowner. My basement flooded due to a main water break; you can read about that experience here: My Basement Flooded Due to Water-Main Break. My children and I had to stay in a hotel and suite for almost two because it was too cold to stay in the house. I purchased the sofa days before the flooding. So, when it finally got delivered, I was extremely excited! I mean, I wasted no time assembling the sofa while technicians were in my basement installing a new furnace. It was a highlight of that crisis for sure.


Now, back to the color of the sofa: Prior to closing on my home, I created mood boards and included blue sofas in them. I don’t know what my obsession was with having a blue sofa, but I manifested it. I’ve always had sectionals in neutral colors or with leather fabric. But this time, I wanted to try something new. I wanted something that would fit perfectly into my living room. The only changes made to the space so far were getting a new carpet and fresh paint. A blue sofa jazzed up the space.

After searching online, I found this dark blue Asmaa Velvet Round Arm Sofa from Wayfair. I got a good deal as it was on sale when I purchased it. The sofa is a perfect fit for me and my two kids. It holds weight and is comfortable to lay on or sit and watch tv. Honestly, there’s probably a good chance I’ll get tired of the blue before the end of the year. Until then, I bought throw pillows which should arrive today or tomorrow, and I’m waiting for more furniture pieces. I still have more to do like hang up curtains, pictures, and get some decor.

So, stay tuned for more living room updates!

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