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How About a Staycation in a Nice Hotel?

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Sis, you deserve it--reserve that room this weekend!


Sometimes life can be so stressful and overwhelming it can drain you. As busy wives, mothers, and entrepreneurs, we’re always on the go, and possibly overbooked. We barely have time for ourselves. We’re always surrounded by somebody who needs our help, time and attention. When the time comes to do something good for ourselves, there’s little to no time left. We’re so burnt out, we only have enough energy to do the bare minimum-shower, put hair in a bun, and throw on some sweats.

The truth is, we need our space and rest. We need to take time to relax and sit in silence. We need alone time, and we need to practice more self-care. So what better way of spending alone time than taking a staycation in luxury hotel or comfy suite.


A staycation in a hotel is the perfect getaway while staying in your hometown. Let 2021 be the year you begin a new self-care tradition. Once or twice a year, choose the most luxurious hotel that is suitable for your needs. Sure you’ve stayed in a hotel before, but this staycation will give you an opportunity to choose the best accommodations for yourself, not your family. If you need to, plan ahead. Pick the dates, save your coins, make babysitting arrangements, pack your overnight bag, and enjoy your self-care staycation without any distractions.

If you need more convincing, here are (5) reasons you should start taking staycations in a hotel.

1. Rest - The number one reason you need a staycation is to get your rest. Spend time doing nothing extreme without feeling guilty. You can sit in silence, watch a movie, swim, enjoy your favorite beverage, or lay in that comfy bed the entire time and get the relaxation you need.

2. No cooking - You don’t have to think about cooking! Girl, just order room service. Let the

cooking be done for you. Let the food come to you. Enjoy a day or two letting someone else

prepare your meals.

3. No cleaning - Of course you have to pick up after yourself, and keep the hotel room in the

same condition as it was when you checked in. But you don’t need to worry about doing any

heavy duty cleaning or loads of laundry.

4. Spa - Take this opportunity to pamper yourself with a DIY self-care spa day. If you have a little extra money to spend, pack your favorite spa products, and treat yourself to a night of

relaxation. Pampering yourself!

5. Freedom - If you’re more reserved at home-because of your kids, you don’t have to be while you’re on your staycation. You’re in your own space, and you can walk around the way you want. Let it all out. Sleep in sexy lingerie, dance like no one is watching, sing loud in the shower for longer than 10 minutes, binge watch guilty pleasure tv shows without your kids interrupting, and eat the tastiest snacks with no judgment from your fitness trainer or nutritionist.

6. Silence - Yes, we love our children and the beautiful loud noises they make. But we need

silence. We need those silent and peaceful moments to reflect on life, renew or minds, and

recharge our bodies. Turn off the lights, tv, your phone, and just take in the silent moments

while you’re in your own space. Sitting in silence is healthy, and can improve your spiritual


7. Minimize Projects - Since this is a staycation, heavy work should be off limits, but realistically, sometimes we need to do something to feel productive. If that’s the case, use the alone time as inspiration to work on a goal. You can work on your business plan, publish a blog post, or journal your thoughts. Dive into a good book, record your podcast, or do a video tutorial. Whatever you do, just don’t spend your entire staycation working. The point of being there is to relax and get the rest you need.

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