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Here Are Five Goals to Implement When Creating Compelling Content.

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

- You're probably already implementing these goals!


Content is King… Queen! How many times have you read or heard that? Does it encourage you to create compelling content or give you anxiety? The truth is, if you are active on social media or your website, and you post a picture, blog, or video, you are posting a piece of content that may influence those who see it. Whether you publish your own or share someone else’s post, you are conveying a message to your audience. Being intentional about what you post is important.

Content is queen because it is an essential element on social/digital media. Platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter were created for us to communicate by posting our thoughts and sharing our memories. We post to show and tell, and we watch posts to be entertained. But as a business or creative, shouldn’t we be posting compelling content with better intentions? Yes, we should be strategically posting content with purpose and meaning. The content should be authentic, bold, and compelling for your audience.

If you want to produce compelling content, you should implement a content strategy. A content strategy is a guide or blueprint that will help you determine the best platforms to reach your audience. A strategy will help you determine the types of content you want to produce, and topics you want to discuss. Additionally, you’ll determine the purpose of your content. While your primary reason for publishing might be to sell your product or service, you may want to consider publishing posts that will allow for your audience to connect and engage with you.

Here are five key goals to implement when you create your content:

Entertain - with access to video Apps and platforms like TikTok, you can create entertaining videos that will make someone laugh. You can do skits or voiceovers for campaigns. Entertaining your audience is a good way to improve engagement.

Educate - teach your audience how to do something or provide helpful tips. People enjoy learning and want to know how to do tasks or projects effectively. Educate your audience on something that will be beneficial for their business or personal life.

Inspire - Content that inspires people to do better and achieve a goal is always good. People like and need to see or hear something inspirational that will help build up their business or help them get out of a tough situation.

Impact - Not only can you create content to inspire, your content can change someone’s perspective. Your content can change a person’s life. Your brand is your message, and what you say will make someone feel or think a certain way. Whatever your brand is, let it impact your audience by building them up.

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