Have Faith to Reach Your Goals

Updated: Aug 7

When was the last time you overcame fear, and accomplished a goal with faith?


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God shares a lot of his wisdom about faith and fear, but do you really apply his Word to your life when you want to achieve goals?

When we let fear overpower our faith, we lose out on the great opportunities that God has for us. We get stuck in seasons that we’re no longer supposed to be in. People give up on their goals and dreams for many reasons. I think we should focus more on faith and less on the fear of failure, fear of success, or lack of support.

I recently accomplished three major goals that I hope will encourage you to do the same:

1. I published my first… well, second book, Braving Birth. It took many years to write the book. The editing was difficult, and after prayer, I decided to leave it in God’s hands, and publish it. I like to write, and I do consider myself a writer. However, writing a book is different than writing lyrics or a blog. I worried about the book being considered low content. I worried about my grammar, sentence structure, and sharing my personal journey. I worried about what people would say, but I kept hearing God telling me to get it done. Although writing a book was intimidating, I still overcame my fear. Purchase here

2. I installed new floors in my living room and upstairs hallway. I wasn’t really worried about doing this, but when I did it, I was amazed at myself. I did make some mistakes, but I’m excited about the project. My floors look great, and installing floors is one more skill I can add to my list! Follow my home/décor page on Instagram

3. I started a podcast last year called, ConqHer Today. My audience grew, and I had listeners from USA, Germany, South Africa, and Australia listening, ages ranged from 18-44. However, after about twelve or so episodes, I cancelled the podcast. Nonetheless, a couple months later, I started recording episodes for Living with True Purpose and I completed my first season with 26 episodes. I got emotional about this accomplishment when I recorded episode 25 Thank You: Season 1 Final Episode. Listen here.

Step out on faith. If you make a mistake or several mistakes, try again. You never know what will happen when you set a goal and achieve it. Overcome your fear with faith.

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