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Four Self-Care Package Arrangements Just for You.

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

You are worthy of the special treatment...

There seems to be a permanent self-care movement happening in all mompreneurs’ lives, and we are here for it! We aren’t promoting selfishness, however, we strongly encourage daily self-care routines because we know taking care of ourselves improves aspects of our lives, especially motherhood.

There are many ways we all can practice self-care. One idea we are favoring right now is a self-care basket. What is a self-care basket you ask? It’s a basket you create for yourself. It’s

filled with goodies and essentials that range from facial products to your favorite beverages. So, whether you’re staying in a hotel or at home, you can make a basket that’s affordable by

purchasing some items from discounted stores like Dollar Tree or Family Dollars.

Many women have never been to a spa, let alone create their own self-care basket. We either don’t have the time or just don’t want to pay the costs. If you’ve gone to a spa before, got a facial, a massage, and pedicure, then you know how amazing you feel after the treatment. Creating a self-care basket is the perfect gift to make for yourself. You don’t need to spend a lot of money trying to have a luxurious day. You know what you like and dislike. Plus, creating a basket is fun! The great thing about creating one is the variety of items to choose from.

So, if you’re excited about creating a self-care package, here are four types of baskets you can curate for yourself.

Spa Basket:

A standard spa basket is perfect, especially if you’re a mother taking a staycation in a hotel, or currently pregnant. You can fill the basket with slippers, a pedicure kit, body wash, bath salt, lotion, facial mask, face cloth, and facial moisturizer. Whatever type of spa treatment you need, you can put the items in the basket-except a massage. You can set the ambiance in your space the way you like it. Play calming music for relaxation and light some candles if you’re in your home.

Relaxation or Meditation Basket: Included in this type of basket is anything that will keep you in a peaceful mood. The point is to relax. That means no phone, laptop, or work. You can include a book, Book of Psalms, a magazine, wine, sparkling wine, your favorite snacks, a small throw blanket, music, candles, a robe, and slippers.

Wellness & Health Basket:

A wellness basket isn’t just for healing bad colds, it’s perfect if you’re goal is to live a more

holistic or healthier lifestyle. In this type of basket, you can include tea, vitamins, herbs, spices, a yoga mat, resistance bands, water, healthy foods, fitness magazines, or wellness books. Curating this type of basket will come handy if you’re traveling and staying in a hotel.

Sip & Paint Basket:

Now this type of basket may be a bit more fun than the others. Curate this type of basket with wine/sparkling wine, crackers, cheese, fruits, and a painting kit! If you don’t want to paint, you can include crafts or coloring books. Include something simple and fun you can enjoy doing by yourself.

As we said, there are so many self-care baskets you can create for yourself. The Point is to take care of YOU. You have to invest in your well-being, so you can be your best for your children. You are a queen, and you deserve to be pampered too. Remember, You are worthy of the special treatment.

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