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Five Things I Do in the Morning to Stay Calm and Focused

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

I never really was a morning person until I became a mother. I remember the days when getting up before 7:30am for work was a struggle, and now, I consider that time to be late.

I start the mornings early, and I like my mornings to be quiet so I can be focused on the day ahead. Although I do prefer for things to go as smoothly as possibly, that’s not always the case with two kids. Quiet mornings are no longer quiet once my kids are awake. There will always be yelling, crying, or screaming once they get up.

In the mornings, we’re busy getting ready for school. Depending on how my children sleep, depends on how their moods will be when they wake up. It can be a circus, a concert, or a zoo. Honestly, I just don’t understand how two small kids can make enough noise to fill up a stadium. When they run up and down the stairs it sounds like a herd of elephants. My daughter and son are different in many ways, but when it comes to their loudness, they are the same. My daughter likes to dance and sing. My son likes to make car sounds and jump around. If they could scream and shout all day, they would. If we had parties every day, they’ll be in their rhythm for sure. learning month by month as they grow and develop, their sleeping habits and moods change, drastically. I’m learning I can’t get too complacent because my kids’ moods and sleeping patterns switch up their ways like a light switch.

I realized, if I wanted quiet time and smoother mornings, I needed to make some changes that will help all of us be happier. So, I decided to change my morning routine. If I start my day off good, I’ll be well prepared for the loud and wild mornings. If I take care of myself, I wouldn’t be overwhelmed or feel like I didn’t get anything accomplished. Also, because the mornings are so busy, I learned to let go of trying to control every movement and allow for them to do what they enjoy while enforcing my rules. For example, if the wake up during my “selfcare” time, I let them play with their toys, but they need to stay in their rooms and keep the noise down. When they are done, they need to put their toys away. It’s a work in progress but it helps keep things in order.

So, here are five things I do in the mornings to help me stay calm and focused.

1. Wake up early - I wake up anytime between 4:00a-5:30a in the morning. Sometimes, I will wake up between 6:00a-6:30a. Waking up early gives me a lot of time to do whatever I need to do before the kids wake up. I feel energetic and happier when I wake up earlier.

2. Prayer /Bible time- The first thing I do before getting out of the bed is praise and pray. After I get out of the bed, I go downstairs to read the Bible, sing quietly, and do devotionals. I need to praise and pray before getting out of bed. I need prayer to get my day started. I need God to help me get through the day, even when days are good. I use this time to give God his praises, pray for whatever is on my mind, and read the Bible.

3. Workout - I do a quick workout in the mornings. I’ll lift weights or do a short intense full body. Exercising helps me stay calm. It increases my mood, especially if I work out after prayer. After I drop my kids off at school, I’ll go for a walk at the park.

4. Get ready - I get ready for the day. I don’t always put on makeup or wear something cute. I’ll take my shower and put on something decent for the morning. When I’m dressed, I’m more motivated to do something fun or productive. On some days, I will do my hair, put on makeup, and wear something a little more decent.

5. Free time - I usually have free time to do more things before we leave. I use the extra time to watch the news, read a book, do some cleaning, or fold clothes, or work on a project. I try to do something productive, so I can feel productive for the day.

Making these changes in the morning has done wonders for me. If I set the tone in the morning and for the day, it’ll be an easier morning for my children as well. I’ve been following this routine for a while now, and it’s helped me start my days off with a better perspective. I’m always looking forward to having a good or better day, even if I’m going through a tough season.

If your mornings are hectic, try changing your routine. Do things that will help you stay calm and stay focused.

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