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Christmas Tree Reveal

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

- Plus a little update about construction projects in my home.


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One holiday tradition that I’ve started in my little family is putting up a Christmas tree a few days before my daughter’s birthday which is during the week of Thanksgiving. I’ve always incorporated a winter and a Christmas theme into her birthday celebration ever since her first birthday.

And now we are celebrating her 6th birthday, and I’m still putting up a tree. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love the lights, ornaments, and decorations. Christmas decorations make a room or house look nice and joyful. I know that probably sounds cheesy, but I don’t care. I like to be happy, and I like to look at things that make me joyful.

The last few years, I’ve used small twin trees; one for my daughter and one for my son. This year, I wanted to step my tree game up a little bit because we are celebrating Christmas in our own home. A bigger tree makes sense. So, I purchased a 6ft tree from Walmart. I enjoyed shopping for a tree with my children. They were excited too, as it was their first experience shopping for a tree and watching me put it up. They still have one of the two twin trees left. I don't know what happened to the other one. I let them decorate their tree, and I decorated the big tree. I like trying new things and this year

I'm using gold, blue, white, and silver. I don’t have a particular theme; I just want the tree to look pretty and elegant. I added ribbons and big star ornaments.

After purchasing the tree, I realized I was low on ornaments and went to Dollar Tree to purchase items. I still have more ornaments to add, but I think it’s turning out the way I planned, and my kids love it too!

Last year, I put the twin trees in my living room. This year, I put the big tree in our den. My house will be undergoing some repairs and upgrades throughout my house, so I moved all the furniture from the living room into the den to make room for the contractors to do their work. Initially in this room, I had my desk, my daughter's desk, my son's desk, my weight bench, and a big dresser, but now that I changed things up, I really like the furniture in this room. It's cozy and perfect for us. With fresh paint, curtains, new décor, more pictures, and few other cosmetic upgrades, the den will look nice. I have plenty of time to improve the style and buy new furniture.

As for the Christmas tree and decorations, I think it made the den look much better. So, below I'm sharing links to the tree and decorations.

1. Walmart: Non-Lit Jackson Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree, 6.5'

2. Dollar Tree: Elegant Decorations, Ornaments, & Ribbons


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