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A Special 6th Birthday Celebration

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

- For a pretty little princess

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Over the weekend, my cute little family celebrated my daughter’s 6th birthday. Initially, my daughter wanted to invite a few friends, but those plans were canceled due to construction projects being done in my home. Plus, parents are still hesitant about going to people’s homes due to COVID, which is understandable.


Since I ordered decorations in advance, I decided to surprise her and decorate our living room the night before her birthday. When she came down the stairs the morning of her birthday, she was so happy. I was excited for her. She deserved to feel extra special on her birthday. I wanted her to feel loved. Also, her birthday was on a Sunday, so we went to church. She received a lot of love there too. Click to watch the birthday video

Back to the decorations: I guess the theme was unicorn meets princess in winter wonderland. I already had planned to decorate for Christmas-since that’s my holiday tradition. I purchased a pastel balloon garland and had planned on crafting a backdrop like the one in the picture, but I did not buy the supplies, so I used the extra tablecloths as a backdrop instead. I did not use the balloons garland because I forgot to buy a pump. Blowing up 12 balloons was enough for me. I also purchased pom pom garlands but never used them either. I purchased confetti and a centerpiece from Dollar Tree.

As for her gifts, I purchased all of them from Dollar Tree because, why not? She gets small gifts all the time from there, and Christmas is right around the corner. She’ll be showered with more pricey gifts on that day. Anyways, I purchased some of her favorite things: barbies, baby dolls, unicorns, and a few other things. Also, I got her a pretty unicorn dress that came with jewelry.

My daughter said she was so happy. My son thought it was Christmas. Honestly, it felt a little bit like Christmas. Her birthday felt extra special, and although we did not celebrate with more people, it felt perfect and peaceful. Maybe because it was just the three of us celebrating that morning. My sister stopped by and celebrated for a while. But the whole day was filled with happiness, calmness, and excitement. I hope she’ll always remember that day. Next year, we’re doing something bigger and better.

Barbie Glam Getaway House

So, if you’re looking for affordable and cute ideas for a last-minute birthday party, here is a list of the items from I ordered from Amazon prior to her birthday:


* 3 Pack Tie Dye Tablecloth for Party Decorations

* Unicorn Princess Dress Up Clothes with Jewelry and Headband

* Pastel Balloons Garland

* Tulle Ribbon Rolls

Here is a list of items I purchased from Dollar Tree a couple of days and the day before her birthday:

Dollar Tree

* Clear Party Serving Bowls

* Clear Plastic Tumblers

* Princess Glitter Banner

* Princess Glitter Tissue Centerpiece

* Bright Neon Balloons

* Glitter Plastic Cutlery Sets - not available on Dollar Tree website, but found something similar on Amazon

* White Crinkle Cut Paper

* Purple Pom Pom Garland

* Hot Pink Pom Pom Garland

* Greenbriar Iridescent Balloon Weight

* Polka Dot Balloons

* Iridescent Paper Shred

* Happy Birthday Hearts & Stars Balloon

* Rainbow Happy Birthday Foil Balloon

* Unicorn Printed Pink Birthday Balloon

Here is a picture of the toys I purchased from Dollar Tree a week prior to her birthday (I hid them in my closet).

Girl Party Themes

1. Unicorn Theme: direct link to Dollar Tree

2. Princess Theme: direct link to Dollar Tree

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