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A Beautiful Bold Red "Bawse Lady"

My Lipstick Story.

"It’s crazy because I was never a lipstick girl, I hardly wear makeup but now I’m switching it up!”


Lipstick was something I always wanted to wear, but I guess I was too insecure to wear it in public. I either wore lipgloss, chapstick, or nothing. I thought lipstick made me look funny. I felt like I was trying too hard to enhance my beauty. I felt the same way about makeup. Plus, I thought make was too expensive and I honestly never put in any effort to figure out what color works best for my complexion.

The first time I remember putting on makeup and wearing it in public, was my first year in college--I don't recall wearing lipstick to my prom or graduation. The lipstick was a pretty brown lip color. It belonged to an old friend, and from the second I put it on, I was hooked. That was almost 20 years ago. And it took me until I reached my late twenties before I started wearing lipstick again-for special occasions or trips to the mall.

As I stated above, I didn’t put much effort into searching for the perfect lipstick. I didn’t know much and I’m still learning about types, tones, and the best brands. When I found the plum/berry shade I liked, it became my signature shade. I was in my mid/late twenties. I played around with pinks and reds in my thirties, but I didn’t become a true fan of lipstick until this year-the year of the pandemic.

At 36, soon to be 37 in a few days, I’m so ready to start wearing lipstick all the time. It’s become my favorite item next to eye makeup (always wore). I started wearing bold red lipstick last year. I stuck with one shade, but I no longer have it, and I don’t remember the brand. But this summer, I tried The LipBar’s Bawse Lady liquid matte, and I definitely team red.

As soon as I put it on, I felt fierce, classy & bold! I love wearing red lipstick. I put it on when I go to the drive-through. I put it on while wearing a mask. It’s crazy because I was never a lipstick girl, I hardly wear makeup but now I’m switching it up!

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