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Her Words Inspire

Her Words Inspire is a biblical based inspirational speaking and life-building event. The purpose is to help women achieve spiritual growth with God, maintain mental and emotional stability, advance in business/career, and prosper in life. 


The goal is to help woman:


  • Take control over their thoughts and mind

  • Be intentional about the words they speak

  • Be held accountable for their actions

  • Set goals and achieve them

  • Offer suggestions to help them manage life

September 23, 2019


  • Devotionals

  • Bible Lessons

  • Prayers

  • Book Club

  • Social Media

  • Speaking engagements

Discussion Topics:

  • Single Motherhood - more than a conqueror

  • You are made new- Relationship with God 

  • Balance: Managing life

  • Achieving goals

  • Asking for help 

  • Pregnancies 

  • Starting a business/entrepreneur 

  • Writing & Self-publishing a book

  • Homeownership

  • Life after divorce

  • Confidence

  • Powerful words and thoughts 

  • Overcoming doubt & anxiety 

  • In the likeness: image and inner beauty

Inspirational Videos