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Tanisha Williams (TW) is a lifestyle blog and brand created and written by Tanisha L Williams. Any gifted items received will be displayed on social media platforms in the form/condition in which they appear at the time of arrival, and some will be included in editorial content on the blog. Any items Tanisha Williams. receives for consideration of coverage on this blog and other social media platforms do not guarantee coverage. 


As this is a blog/publication website, my opinions are my own and will always be my own. I write and share are based on my experience and knowledge. I am not a certified coach or therapist. For press, inquiries, marketing, collaborations, bookings, sponsorships, & partnerships, contact me.


Affiliate links on this site generate a small commission when items are sold. This means when you click on the link and purchase an item, Creator, Tanisha L Williams, will get paid. 

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