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I am Tanisha, the Creator of this lifestyle blog. The purpose of this blog is to share my interest in all things lifestyle- womanhood, motherhood, business, fitness, beauty, home, and more. This blog is more than just another lifestyle blog, it's a space to empower women to pray, heal, and build their confidence. It's a space to encourage women to embrace their beauty, and to live a full life. 


I'm a mother of two beautiful small kids (#momgirl and #momboy). I'm exploring new styles, embracing my natural beauty, and living a life filled with joy. I started blogging around 2010, but I only shared my poems, lyrics, and inspirational messages/quotes. I've been an official motherhood and fitness blogger since 2015/2016. 


My my testimonies and stories will inspire you, make you laugh and cry. My tips and ideas will help you shop for affordable deals, empower you to embrace your confidence and beauty, encourage you to overcome a difficult situation, and help you balance motherhood and business. It's a true lifestyle experience that I'm sharing with you. 


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